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The only skincare companion you’ll ever need.

Almonds are easily some of the most loved dry fruits in the world that people love because of the incredible health benefits they can help unlock. Mothers drop a couple of almonds into their kid’s hands every day, so that they can benefit from the nutrition pack, that is, badam. It is no secret that almonds have the ability to help with some health conditions, and that is perhaps the very reason why almonds are popular throughout the world.

All you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Almond oil is a multipurpose oil that has many benefits and yes, it can help improve the condition of your lips by keeping them moisturised and can treat chapped lips. Unlike other unnatural remedies that can have many side effects, almond oil can help rejuvenate your lips and can keep them naturally glossy for many years to come without any side effects. Since almond oil contains Vitamin E, it can also help protect your lips from UV rays of the sun.

Almond oil has many advantages and people use it in different ways to unlock various benefits
that the oil has to offer. Some of the ways that you can use almond oil are listed below:

1. Using it as a cleanser

Almond oil is a carrier oil which means that it can carry other essential oils into your skin. Therefore by mixing almond oil with essential oils that can also benefit your skin, you can unlock the potential of various other oils too. The most appropriate way of using almond oil as a cleanser would be by adding a few drops of any essential oil to an ounce of almond oil and applying this mixture to damp skin and then rinsing it with warm water. Some of the oils that you can mix with almond oil would be lavender oil, lemon oil, rosehip etc.

2. Using it as a moisturizer

This is perhaps the most basic way to use Almond oil. To use it as a moisturizer, all you need to
do is to gently pat your skin with a small amount of almond oil. In this case, do not rinse off the
oil instead let your skin absorb the goodness of almond oil to the fullest!

Summing it up!

Almond oil is without a doubt one of the most versatile and nutrition filled oils out there. They have great benefits for your skin and if incorporated into your daily routine, it can really help improve the condition of your skin. Follow our blog for more such content and share it with your loved ones. 

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