Relief by using Curcumin

Dear Ashok Kumar,
I am writing this mail with immense pleasure.

I hereby like to state that after starting Curcumin for last times, I have a great relief from Skin Problem. I have been suffering from Skin Problem from past 7-8 years and I had patches in almost all the part of the body. During last 7-8 years I had tried various treatments in all forms of medicines. I had a pathetic experience in Allopathic medicine. Even though I had found almost similar relief from Ayurvedic medicine with prolonged usage, it was very cumbersome to consume and keep up with the regularity. Whereas, it is very easy to consume Curcumin and adhere to the schedules without any hassle.

Results may vary from persons to persons.


Dear Mr.Ashok,
I am writing this in appreciation of your two products, namely Curcumin capsules and Skin Care gel.

After residing in Switzerland for a long time. My problem with psoriasis started in 1985. No physician could help me other than prescribing cartison cream. After returning to India in 1996, I tried various creams and gets, which gave me some short relief.

When I visited you for some citronella oil for suggested Curcumin capsule and Skin Care gel to me. There was a noticeable improvement. Now 60 % of the Skin Problem patches seem to have been reduced fully and other 40 % are even under control.

Thanking you Mr.Ashok, I can say that your above mentioned products relieved me of my Skin problem a great deal.


Results may vary from persons to persons.

Curcumin-60 Capsules
Chaitanya’s Curcumin 95% with 1% Piperine Extract.
Each capsule contains 500mg.
Packing Quantity:60 Capsules.
60 capsules M.R.P Rs.800/- plus Rs.60/- courier charges all over india.

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Curcumin-120 Capsules
Chaitanya’s Curcumin 95% with 1% Piperine Extract.
Each capsule contains 500mg.
Packing Quantity:120 Capsules.
120 capsules M.R.P Rs.1,500/- courier free.

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I am in receipt of your aforesaid Tax Invoice along with 5 boxes of Curcumin capsule containing 60 capsules each. I thank you very much for your kind action ins ending me the capsules immediately.

In this connection, I wish to make the following:

I first diagnosed as a Non –Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL) case in the year 2001. Immediately, I underwent chemotherapy for six cycles. Again, I had the same problem in the year 2004 and I underwent chemotherapy (6 cycles), Mabthera (4 cycles) and Radiation. I had spent around Rs.5 lakhs for the treatment.

I was alright till July 2009. In July 2009, I was again diagnosed NHL and my doctor, who treated me earlier, advised me to undergo the same treatment. At this juncture, I took a decision to switch over to Homeopathy/ Ayurvedic treatment and accordingly, I cam in contact with Dr. Padmanabhan, a specialist in Homeopathy and Ayurvedic treatment in the month of September 2009. Dr. Padmanabhan gone through all my previous reports and started treating me with Homeopathy/ Aryuvedic medicines. Now I am continuing the medicines prescribed by Dr. Padmanabhan since October 2009 and I am doing fine in the sense, I am not having any new symptoms of NHL and the existing ones are under control.

Here, I would like to mention that Dr. Padmanabhan has procured for me Curcumin capsules manufactured by your company and advised me to take this capsule daily two times i.e. one capsule after lunch and one in the night after dinner. As I understand, Curcumin, an extract from the spice turmeric, blocks the growth of various types of lymphoma cells. Apart from arresting the growth of lymphoma cells, curcumin also causes lymphoma cell death by reducing the levels of some genes. I am very much satisfied with Curcumin capsule and in my opinion this capsule is working very well for me. Here I would like to mention that Dr. Padamanabhan is specifically advised me to use Curcumin capsule manufactured by your company only as other brands are not upto the mark. I have been advised by my doctor to continue Curcumin capsules.

I shall be much obliged if you can supply this capsule whenever I need in future.

Thanking You,
Yours truly,

Results may vary from persons to persons.

Mrs.Meera Anand

Two years back I underwent a major cancer surgery and soon chemotherapy was given to me.

During that time one of my relatives introduced Chaitanya’s Curcumin medicine, saying it prevents and cures multitude of diseases.

We all are aware that Turmeric is very good for good health Curcumin is made up of pure turmeric extract and I had full faith on it. and it really helped me fight my cancer.

My regular check-ups and scans revealed that the cancerous cells were under control.

I am really improving now and I fell healthy and happy. I thank god and ‘Curcumin’ for helping me. I specially thank Dr. Ashok Kumar who guided me and provided me the medicines on time.

Results may vary from persons to persons.

Doctor’s Opinion

Dr. Jayath.B.S

Dear Mr.Ashok,

It has been a while that i have been prescribing Curcumin from Chaitanya agro Herbals mainly for ostearthritis, diabetes(Type2), cancer pt undergoing chemotherapy/Radiotherapy(ALONG WITH ASHWAGANDHA) and high cholesterol . It is a great natural drug which has given excellent product. In nearly all Osteoarthritis pt that had been on various analgesics and physiotherapy protocol. Curcumin is one of the most potent natural known anti-inflammatory products and should be part of the arsenal of all orthopedicians.It is also good for diabetics since it attacks both hyperglycemia and dyslipidemia. Being a good antioxidant is also very useful for cancer patients under treatment as mentioned above as it can gobble up loads of free radicals released during the act. Overall it’s a great natural drugs.

Results may vary from persons to persons.

Dr.Padmanabhan – Bangalore

Dear Ashok Kumar,
Chaitanya agro herbals, Mysore.

In my practice, I have been treating cancer patinets of various stages. Oncologists have informed many of my “terminal” cancer patients that they have only a few more days to live. Once I started using curcumin along with other medicines, I have noticed a marked reduction in the progression of the disease and many patients experienced an over all improvement in their quality of living.

I have treated Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriasis, Asthma and SLE with curcumin and noticed a significant improvement . I have withdrawn steroids, immunosuppresents & NSAIDs and managing these conditions successfully with curcumin and other medicines. I have also noticed that curcumin helps in the reduction of disease “flare-ups”.

Results may vary from persons to persons.

Dr.Suresh Kumar – Mysore

Dear Ashok Kumar, Chaitanya agro herbals, Mysore. I would like to share my experience with you about the efficacy of Curcumin caps.

Case 1 :

A lady aged about 80 years+ visited my clinic with weeping eczema on the dorsum of both legs. She was not a diabetic. She was in a pathetic condition as she could not even walk due to secondary skin infection. I started her on Curcumin caps 1 bid and gave her skin cure gel for local application and what a MIRACLE, the lesions were totally healed and she was back on her feet. I have even displayed the photos taken before, during and after treatment on my clinic notice board. Thanks for introducing curcumin.

Case 2 :

Male, aged 55 yrs suffering from Generalized Parthenium Allergy for more than 12 yrs visited my clinic from Bangalore. In fact his condition was to be seen to be belived. His body emitted a typical odour which was infact nauseating, and when he removed his shirt, dry skin scales dropped down like dusting powder. He complained of severe itching throughout his body. He used to take a shot of steroid injection every month, along with is daily quota of anti allergic medications as prescribed by his skin specialist.

He was fed up with his medications as it gave him no relief. I put him on Curcumin caps 1 tid and he started to respond. The intensity of itching has come down by 50%, but he is still on modern medication. Hope that in near future he will be able to taper down his modern medication and be able to sustain only on Curcumin caps. I will keep u informed about the progress.

With good wishes,

Dr. K. Suresh Kumar
Padaav Speciality Ayurvedic Treatment Centre 180/D,
12th Main,11th Cross,Kamakshi Hospital Road,
Saraswathipuram, Mysore-570009,
Ph: 0821-2515544
Mob: 09448600872
Email : padaav.mysore@gmail.com

Results may vary from persons to persons.

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I have used this curcumin capsules for nearly a month now, and the results are visible or I could fee the difference. . I have a lot less pain and inflammation in my knees. The swelling also reduced considerably. I have tried other items, numulid, pain killers etc.etc. But this is the first real relief I have found. I have gone from at least 6 pain killers a day, down to 2 Curcumin capsules a day as for my joint pain management. I advise anyone with joint pain to add this product Curcumin to their regimen, and give it a chance. Disclaimer: Results may vary from persons to persons.
- Mohinder Singh

Curcumin Capsules

I am very pleased with this medicine for my arthritis. I have been taking it now, and I have noticed that my knee pain is reduced to some good extend. My doctor advised me to continue this for some period of times. After taking this curcumin capsules is much better when I am walking. I stopped taking it for couple of days due to ran out of capsule and the delivery to reach me. At this point noticed the difference. Overall I feel much better so I am re-ordering today. I recommend Curcumin capsules for my fellow arthritis patients. Disclaimer: Results may vary from persons to persons.
- Rakesh Math

Curcumin Capsules

Though many health benefits of curcumin and turmeric have been known for years; especially its role as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. First time I had the chance of experiencing it myself. The fact that Chaitanya's Agro herbals formulates their curcumin capsules with !% piperine extract (black pepper extract) is a real digestive combo. Without which neither turmeric nor curcumin is well absorbed easily. In addition it's standardized for 95% curcuminoids. This is truly a superior product and, in my opinion, of the highest quality I have seen yet in a supplement of this type. I will certainly recommend to others also. Disclaimer: Results may vary from persons to persons.
- Krishna kumar

Curcumin Capsules

I am really improving now and I fell healthy and happy. I thank god and ‘Curcumin’ for helping me. Disclaimer: Results may vary from persons to persons.
- Mrs.Meera Anand


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