Why Choose Us?

  • Chaitanya’s Curcumin is a licensed product, the license issued by the drug licensing authority, Ayush, Government of Karnataka, and Manufactured under drug license No.L-AUS 247.
  • Every batch of Curcumin is tested for the Curcumin contents by HPLC (High Power Liquid Chromatography).Click here for Certificate of Analysis
  • Chaitanya offers Curcumin in its purest and natural form with 98.3 % Curcuminoids with 1 % Piperine to increase the bio-availability of curcumin many folds.
  • Periodical clinical trials are done by qualified doctors to ascertain the efficacy of the product.
  • The product is promoted primarily through doctors and we constantly interact with them to know how the product has fared in its therapeutic uses.
  • It is also the company’s endeavour to constantly upgrade its knowledge on the products by attending workshops, seminars, and symposiums etc.,
  • Only Veg capsules are used for filling Curcumin to facilitate easy absorption and assimilation.
  • Prompt and efficient supply system.
  • Qualified doctors are available on email to clarify the doubts and further guidance.
  • Chaitanya’s Agro Herbals has been in field of growing medicinal plants from ten years and aware of the agronomy of spice turmeric.
  • The Company is situated in the Turmeric growing region of South India, there by the supply can assure–process, superior and standardized.


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Results may vary from persons to persons.

Curcumin-60 Capsules
Chaitanya’s Curcumin 95% with 1% Piperine Extract.
Each capsule contains 500mg.
Packing Quantity:60 Capsules.
60 capsules M.R.P Rs.800/- plus Rs.60/- courier charges all over india.

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Curcumin-120 Capsules
Chaitanya’s Curcumin 95% with 1% Piperine Extract.
Each capsule contains 500mg.
Packing Quantity:120 Capsules.
120 capsules M.R.P Rs.1,500/- courier free.

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